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This list of carbon market organisations is a representative cross section of the marketplace and is not intended to be comprehensive. Any inclusion on the list does not represent an endorsement by Carbonwise and we encourage readers to do their own research on market participants


Voluntary Carbon Market
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  • Exchanges & Trading Platform
  • Carbon Credit Project Developers
  • Carbon Credit Ratings Agencies
  • Carbon Credit Brokers - Wholesale
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  • Carbon Retailers
  • Carbon Market Governance
Compliance Carbon Market
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Carbon Markets Associations & Organisations
Professional Carbon Footprint Services: Accounting & Verification

Voluntary Carbon Markets

Carbon Credit Standards

Organisations which set standards for carbon reduction, avoidance or removal projects.

American Carbon Registry (ACR)
Climate Action Reserve (CAR)
Plan Vivo
Global Carbon Standard
BioCarbon Registry
Carbon Reduction Institute
Green-e Climate Standard
Social Carbon
Puro Earth
UNFCCC Clean Development Mechanism

Exchanges & Trading Platform– Voluntary Carbon Markets

Platforms offering wholesale trading services for carbon credits in the voluntary carbon market

CBL Markets
Nodal Exchange
ICE Futures Europe
Climate Impact X
Carbon TradeXchange
CME Group

Carbon Credit Rating Agencies

Organisations which provide independent ratings for carbon reduction, avoidance or removal projects and credits

Calyx Global

Carbon Credit Project Developers

Organisations which develop carbon reduction, avoidance or removal projects

Climate Partner
First Climate
Carbon Reduction Institute
Climate Impact Partners
EKI Energy Services Ltd
BeFLAT Services
C-Quest Capital
Klimat X

Carbon Retailers

Redshaw Advisors
South Pole
Carbon Reduction Institute

Carbon Credit Brokers: Wholesale

Evolution Markets
Sigma Broking
BGC Partners

Carbon Credit Brokers: Retail

Stripe Climate
GECA Environment
Blue Marble

Carbon Market Governance

Compliance carbon markets are governed by their respective jurisdictional authorities – national, regional or state governments (see Cap-and-trade systems/compliance markets for details). Due to its nature, the voluntary carbon market is not regulated by any single jurisdictional authority. However, there are some private sector-led initiatives seeking to provide greater standardisation and integrity to the system and to help the private sector make robust contributions to meeting the climate challenge.

Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (IC-VCM)
Voluntary Carbon Market Initiative (VCMI)
Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTI)
International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO)

Compliance Carbon Market

Compliance Markets: Cap-and-trade systems

Legally binding emissions trading systems operated at regional, national or state level

European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS)
California's Cap-and-Trade Program
Quebec Emissions Trading System
US Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)
UK Emissions Trading Scheme
New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS)
China National Emissions Trading System
Korea Emissions Trading Scheme
Tokyo Cap-and-Trade Program
Swiss Emissions Trading Scheme
Alberta Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction Regulation
Washington Cap-and-Invest Program

Compliance Markets: Exchanges

Exchange platforms offering trading services and/or auctions for carbon allowances under legally binding emissions cap-and-trade systems. Exchanges can offer trading in both spot physical allowances or future and options.

ICE Futures Europe/ICE Endex
CME Group
China Emissions Exchange
Nodal Exchange
Jarden Commtrade

Compliance Offset Markets

Compliance offset markets are compliance markets that allow the use of carbon offsets to comply with mandatory regulations.

California Cap-and-Trade Program
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)

Carbon Markets Associations & Organisations

Carbon market industry organisations offering membership services including advice and representation on regulatory issues.
International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)
Carbon Market Institute (CMI)
Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC)
Environmental Markets Association (EMA)
Emissions Trading Group (ETG)
European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET)

Professional Carbon Footprint Services: Accounting & Verification

Organisations offering carbon accounting services to establish an entity’s carbon footprint, and/or verification services to determine whether an entity has met a range of widely-accepted environmental standards.

Carbon Action
Carbon Trust
GEP Environmental
Bureau Veritas
Carbon Reduction Institute
Net Zero Now
Ecosy Travel
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