Credit Retirement

Retirement of a carbon credit or offset represents its “use” to counterbalance emissions that take place elsewhere.


In the context of the European Union’s proposed CBAM, this policy places what is considered to be a fair price on the carbon emissions associated with products imported into the EU.

Carbon Project Developer

A company – sometimes also the main investor – that implements a project to reduce or avoid emissions.


The Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The COP is the supreme body of the UNFCCC, made up of signatory nations.

Residual Emissions

Refers to any remaining greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be easily reduced after all other efforts have been made.


A standard prerequisite for carbon markets to function is to have accurate data on emissions output and how this changes over time.


Deforestation is the removal, destruction or clearance of forests, usually to create more land for agriculture or to build urban areas, or for timber harvest.

Climate Justice

The principle that the effects of climate change should be addressed in a way that is equitable and fair, especially for vulnerable and marginalized populations.


A standard is a framework for measuring reductions, avoidances or removals of atmospheric carbon dioxide from a variety of different projects.