Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen refers to the splitting of water by electrolysis into its components, oxygen and hydrogen, using electricity from renewable sources such as wind or solar power plants.


In the context of greenhouse gases, generally refers to a reduction of emissions.


An international carbon market operated by the International Civil Aviation Organisation to ensure that emissions from the global aviation sector do not increase above a 2019 baseline.


A corporate climate action organisation that creates recognised frameworks that enable companies and financial institutions to set emissions reduction targets that are in line with the science of climate change.

Blue Carbon

Carbon credits from projects involving the remove of carbon emissions from the atmosphere using natural sequestration in coastal or marine environments.

Credit Retirement

Retirement of a carbon credit or offset represents its “use” to counterbalance emissions that take place elsewhere.


In the context of the European Union’s proposed CBAM, this policy places what is considered to be a fair price on the carbon emissions associated with products imported into the EU.

Carbon Project Developer

A company – sometimes also the main investor – that implements a project to reduce or avoid emissions.