Deforestation is the removal, destruction or clearance of forests, usually to create more land for agriculture or to build urban areas, or for timber harvest.

Climate Justice

The principle that the effects of climate change should be addressed in a way that is equitable and fair, especially for vulnerable and marginalized populations.


A standard is a framework for measuring reductions, avoidances or removals of atmospheric carbon dioxide from a variety of different projects.

Carbon Dioxide Equivalent

A unit used to express the total amount of greenhouse gases emitted as a result of a specific activity. It represents the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) that would have the same warming effect on the atmosphere as the sum of all the greenhouse gases emitted.

Carbon Offsets

A carbon offset is an electronic certificate that represents the reduction or avoidance of one metric ton of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, typically carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), that has been achieved by a project or activity in another location or sector.

Carbon Project

A project which seeks to reduce or remove carbon dioxide emissions or other greenhouse gas, as measured in carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).

Carbon Neutrality

A state in which the net carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions resulting from an entity’s activities is zero.


An individual or entity that retires offsets to compensate for an organisation’s carbon emissions.

Net Zero

Net Zero describes a balance between the amount of greenhouse gases produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere.