International Climate Efforts Since 1990

Visual Learning

Climate efforts since 1990 have centred around the United Nations process, while in parallel, the scientific understanding of climate change has advanced, and been widely disseminated, through the IPCC’s regular reports.

Green Hydrogen: Clean Fuel of the Future

Green hydrogen involves producing hydrogen gas using renewable or other low-carbon electricity. For example, electricity generated by wind farms or solar parks is used to power an electrolyzer, which chemically splits water into its constituent parts, hydrogen and oxygen.

Scope 1, 2 & 3 Emissions

These infographics concisely define Scope 1, 2 & 3 carbon emissions and provide practical examples for each as part of a trio of visuals.

1.5°C Pathway Emissions

Carbonwise - 1.5C- PATHWAY-EMISSIONS

Limiting the rise of the average global temperature to less than 1.5 Degrees Celsius is vital but the question is how do we achieve this?

Annual CO2 Emissions by Country

This chart, based on data from the Global Carbon Project 2022, allows you to visualise how individual countries compare on national CO2 emissions, as well as how CO2 output has evolved over time.