What Are Carbon Removals?

Carbon removals are activities that remove carbon emissions (carbon dioxide) from the atmosphere and store them away (in rocks, underground or in vegetation) so that they no longer form part of our atmosphere.

What Are the Markets for Carbon Credits?

In the main, carbon credits represent a voluntary commitment to offset emissions from one source by purchasing and retiring a carbon credit that represents carbon saved elsewhere.

How Do Compliance Carbon Markets Work?

Carbonwise - How Do Compliance Markets Work?

Carbon trading is a hot topic – businesses are crowding into the space looking to develop trading capabilities in the various carbon markets that exist around the world.

What Are Carbon Credits? Credits VS. Allowances

Carbonwise - Offsets v allowances

What’s the difference between a carbon offset credit and a carbon allowance? Quite a lot, as it happens. Here’s an easy explainer to help understand the core differences between these important assets.